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Our Trip Covenant:

Trippers, parents and responsible adults agree to abide by the following rules:

1. Curfews and other rules and ordinances of the churches and areas visited will be observed.
2. Single sex sleeping rooms will be designated at the motels on the Trip. There will be at least one RA of the same sex in each room. Aside from motels, the group will not be split by genders and will sleep co-ed. No sharing sleeping bags at any trip function.
3. We will teach Navajo and Hopi mores, and we will make clear the appropriate Tripper behavior we expect.
4. Once the trip plans are firm, they will not be changed except for some unforeseen emergency.
5. No smoking or other tobacco use, illegal drugs, or alcohol. If anyone does smoke they need to figure out how to do without for the retreats, classes, and the ten days down the road. Not only is it illegal for minors to purchase tobacco, it is forbidden in many of the places we visit.
6. No weapons (implements of harm).
7. No sexual activities as defined by the values of our hosts.
8. No stealing.
9. No one may leave a class or retreat site without the permission of a Trip Coordinator; Trippers leaving the site must be accompanied by an adult.
10. Everyone must go down the road with hair color in the normal human range, and styled appropriately to be acceptable in the Indian communities we visit. No visible piercing, except for ears.

Guidelines to preserve and enhance the Trip community:

1. Every person has inherent worth and dignity. We expect that all Trippers and RAs will honor each other by listening with respect; by treating each other with kindness, justice, and compassion; and by creating an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. Participants should have consideration and respect for the physical and emotional well-being of the community, hosts, and place of gathering. Inappropriate or offensive behavior is not conducive to building community. We avoid abusive language and verbal game playing towards ourselves and others.
2. Every person is expected to behave in ways that facilitate their own physical and emotional well being. Even seemingly minor personal abuses, such as not drinking enough water, getting inadequate sleep, or ingesting excessive amounts of caffeine can impact the way that individuals interact with the group, and can pose safety risks. Participants are expected to be respectful of the group by caring for their own bodies.
3. Participants will respect and observe the Navajo and Hopi mores.
4. Trippers are expected to participate in Trip activities and work toward the common goals of community-building and learning about ourselves and others. Participation includes attending the orientation, all four retreats, four classes, and, of course, the ten-day ninth grade trip. If a conflict arises it is the tripper's responsibility to contact the Trip Coordinator(s) to make arrangements for make-up work. It is the Tripper's responsibility to turn in all completed make-up work to Coordinator Mitch Pingel. All work must be turned in before the trip leaves in March.
5. We expect parents to support the trip by attending an orientation, making sure that trippers can attend all trip functions, supporting the trip and UU goals, and helping, as needed with fundraisers. Parents will also contact the Trip Coordinator (s) if unavoidable conflicts make it impossible for their tripper to participate in required trip events.
6. We do not allow electronic devices including cellular phones, CD players, iPods, MP3 players, radios, electronic games, or amplifiers at any trip event. Any of these items will be collected by the RAs.
7. Should a Tripper bring to a class or a retreat, or on the Trip itself, an item deemed by the RAs to be inappropriate because it disrupts the group function, it will be collected by the RAs. This would also apply to an appropriate item being used inappropriately.
8. The Trip Coordinator and the RAs will discuss inappropriate behavior problems directly with the Tripper. If it seems necessary, this "First Counsel" will be documented and signed as an acknowledgment of the concern. If the behavior does not change, the Trip Coordinator and the RAs will meet with the Tripper and his/her parents to discuss the problem/concerns. These steps are defined to help us problem solve and deal with conflict in a respectful manner. Any participant, youth or adult, who fails to comply with these rules will be sent home at their own expense and will not be permitted to continue their participation in the Ninth Grade Trip. If this occurs while on the Trip, the Tripper will be sent by public transportation to Denver. Tripper's parents will be consulted prior to sending a Tripper home. Your signature on the permission slip indicates that you understand the behavior expectations, rules, and consequences for the Ninth Grade Trip and agree to abide by this covenant. (All participants - youth and adults - must sign.)


The trip rules are established to align with the mores and traditions of the native cultures we visit. Consequently, the behaviors required of trippers may be different than those of your family, school, YRUU Cons, and church groups. As a parent, I recognize the need for these differences and give my support to the trip adult leadership in maintaining the trip appropriate behaviors. I also understand that there are required homework assignments and required weekend classes and retreats and will work with my tripper to ensure that the requirements are met. Your signature on the permission slip indicates that you understand the behavior expectations, rules and consequences for the Ninth Grade Trip and agree to abide by this covenant.

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