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This assignment will review UU history and will also introduce you to the UUA's website. This assignment is due by the February 28. It MUST be mailed or e-mailed to Mitch before February 28. Mailed to 275 Main St, Broomfield CO 80020 or e-mailed to mitch@uu9gt.org.

On the www, go to http://uu9gt.org/documents/homework/UUOrigins.htm, then find the answers to these questions.

1. The word "Unitarian" developed meaning what? A Universalist believed what?

2. When and where were the first Unitarian congregations established? Name the King who allowed religious doubt in his country.

3. What did Unitarian minister Joseph Priestly accomplish for Unitarianism in the United States after 1791? (Extra credit) For what else is he known?

4. What did Universalist Clara Barton found?

5. How did the Unitarian Universalist Association come into being?

Go to http://www.uua.org/beliefs/chalice/

6. When Hans Deutsch first created the Flaming Chalice symbol, what did he think the flaming chalice signified?

Go to http://www.uua.org/beliefs/principles/index.shtml

7. Name two of the seven principles that member congregations of the UUA covenant to affirm and promote.

8. UU living traditions draw from many sources. Which source do you think relates most meaningfully to the Navajo and Hopi religious traditions?

Go to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main Page and in the Search Box type "List of Unitarian" and then click on the "List of Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists"

9. Name eight famous UUs, one each starting with a name starting with B, F, H, K, N, R, S, V. Try to find ones you've heard of.

10. Return to the UUA Main Page(www.uua.org). Click on "Find a Congregation." See if your church has a web page and if it does, check it out!

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