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This assignment will give you additional knowledge about the Navajo. Go to the sites noted and find answers to the following questions. Look around while you are at the website.

This assignment is due at the February class. It may be emailed to mitch before the class at homework@uu9gt.org.

On the www, go to www.navajocentral.org. and on the far right side of the screen, click on FAQs. Then Click on Part 1. Find the answers to these questions.

1. What's Indian Time? (Question 36)

2. How does the quality of education available to students on the Navajo Nation compare to other areas? (Question 75)

3. Sometimes there are hogans that seem abandoned. In a land where resources are so scarce, why are not the logs recycled for other uses. (Question 83)

Go to the bottom of this webpage and click on Part 2.

4. Do all residences on the reservation have electricity and running water? (Question 93) (You’ll have to count down from the first question, #89)

5. What do families do for entertainment? (Question 96)

6. Do residents on the Navajo Nation have access to the Internet? (Question 99)

7. How is Kit Carson viewed in Navajo history? (Question 112)

8. How did the Navajo Reservation come to exist? (Question 113)

Scroll down to the Great Seal of the Navajo Nation (a large, round image on the left side of the screen)

9. On the Great Seal of the Navajo Nation, what does the corn represent? the Rainbow? (Question 136)

10. Discuss Pawn and its implications for the Navajo. (Questions 146 through 149

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