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Assignment #1
Planning for Participation
Due Date: November Retreat

Due to bus capacity, we can take no more than 45 youth on this 47th Annual Front Range UU Ninth Grade Trip.

In order for the Ninth Grade Trip to be most successful everyone involved must work together to accomplish goals and to build a sense of community.

The criteria for participating in the UU Ninth Grade Trip includes:

1. Attendance at all classes and retreats
2. Homework assignments must be turned in on time
3. Appropriate behavior and adherence to the Ninth Grade Trip Covenant

Please respond to the following questions and bring this assignment with you to the November Retreat.

1. Why are you interested in participating in the Ninth Grade Trip?

2. What challenges might you face in regard to the following and how will you address those challenges?

a. Attending all classes and retreats

b. Completing the assignments and homework

c. Following behavior expectations and the Trip Covenant

3. In what ways will you contribute to the success of the Ninth Grade Trip?

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