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This assignment will further your knowledge of the Hopi. Go to the sites noted and find answers to the following questions. Look around while you are at the website.

This assignment is due at the December class. It may be emailed to mitch before the class at homework@uu9gt.org.

On the www, go to www.experiencehopi.com/villages

What is the Hopi population living on Hopi land?

Which is the oldest village on First Mesa?

After what event were the two other villages established on First Mesa?

Where do residents of Walpi get their water?

At the top of the page, Click on "FAQ". Then name 3 rules for visiting the Hopi Villages.

Then go to http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/exhibits/indigenous_voices/hopi/leaders.html. Name the Hopi who was an Olympic athlete.

On the left side of the page, under "Hopi" Click on "Places." What on the adjoining Hopi and Navajo Reservations are extremely valuable to this energy hungry region

What is Old Oraibi governed by?

What kind of mountain range is the San Francisco Peaks?

On the left side of the page, under "Hopi" Click on "Pueblo Revolt of 1680." Name two of the likely co-conspiritors with Po'pay in the revolt.

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